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A Beginner’s Guide to Xero Basics with 8 Video Tutorials


New to Xero? If you’re beginning from scratch and need help with the basic steps, stick around. We’ve put together a selection of Xero video tutorials to help you get the most out of this award-winning cloud accounting software.

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The Xero Dashboard

Xero’s Dashboard displays all of your most important financial information and allows you to view your bank balances, bills, invoices, expense claims and transactions at a glance. You’ll also be able to see your cash flow in real-time and monitor individual accounts. In this video, you can watch an introduction to the basics of Xero Dashboard.



Invoicing can be a hugely time-consuming task and is often a job that’s left until the last possible moment each month. Luckily, you won’t have to dread invoicing anymore because Xero is a fantastic tool for speeding up and automating much of the invoicing process. In this video post you can watch an introduction to Xero’s invoicing feature and learn how to send invoices, chase them and add helpful ‘pay now’ buttons to your invoices.


Producing Quotes

Producing accurate estimates and quotes can be a laborious task, but it’s also an essential part of running any business. Without quotes, you won’t secure new business, and without new business, you won’t maintain a healthy cash flow. The solution? Xero offers a range of tools for speeding up the quotation process. In this video, we’ll share a few hints and tips for getting most of Xero’s quote feature and maximising your productivity in the process.


Xero Basics: Adding New Users

Collaboration is part of business. However, not every member of your team needs access to your company’s financial data in its entirety. For example, your payroll administrator may only need access to the payroll function of your Xero account and nothing else. When you use Xero you can invite users to access your financial information and decide how much information they have access to. In this video, you’ll learn how to invite users and set a role, or access level, that’s right for them.


Managing Bills

Paying bills on time can be a challenge, especially when you’re struggling to maintain a steady cash flow. This is where Xero and Flow can help. This how-to video introduces several features that help make managing bills effortless, including creating new bills, raising purchase orders and emailing bills directly into Xero.

Managing Petty Cash

Petty cash is one of those small things that can take a disproportionate amount of time to manage accurately. It’s all too easy to lose track of small expenses, like the cost of a cup of coffee at a business meeting, or snacks for the office lunch room. However, Xero makes it simple to track and manage your petty cash. In this Xero video guide, you can learn an easy way to set up and manage your petty cash using a dummy bank account in Xero.


Setting Up a Credit Card

Running a business is incredibly demanding. Sometimes even a simple task, like tracking credit card spending, can become overwhelming when it’s left too long. When you set up your credit cards with Xero it’s easy to import and manage your credit card activity. Even better, you’ll eliminate the need to flick between bank and credit card accounts to stay on top of things. In this Xero tutorial, we’ll show you how to get started.

Managing Purchases and Bills

How do you make sure you are paying and invoicing the right suppliers at the right time? With Xero it’s simple. Whether you choose to schedule payments or pay suppliers in batches, this Xero basics video will show you how. We’ll also show you how to save time by creating repeat bills for repeat purchases.

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