Business Consultancy

Searching for business consultancy services? Flow’s team of expert chartered accountants has vast experience in almost all sectors and circumstances.

No matter your situation or whether you work in the property sector, finance, the creative industry, medicine, or retail – the chances are our team has seen it all before.

This experience, expert knowledge and understanding of how technology can help transform a business makes Flow an invaluable partner.

A free consultation with one of Flow’s experienced accountants will provide you with access to vast amounts of knowledge and experience, impartial advice regarding the best cloud solution for your business and recommendations for further action.

These sessions often result in recommendations that could immediately save you money, improve workflow systems and increase profits. There is absolutely no obligation to use Flow following this consultation, but we hope that the value we demonstrate will encourage you to work with us further.

Amie Wilson Testimonial

"Amie is extremely experienced in working with small businesses to find the perfect cloud accounting solution, and then setting up and training their system. Call Amie on 0330 123 5577 or email to see how she can help your business."

Amie Wilson

Financial Forecasting

Realistic forecasting is key in helping you reach your vision and achieve your business goals. Whilst we cannot help you write your vision, we can help you plan how to realise it.

Our financial forecasts help determine future opportunities, challenges and process improvements, enabling you to make informed decisions about strategy, risk and service or product offerings.

Accurate forecasts can be particularly useful when preparing capital investment and funding plans. They are a key part of your business strategy and planning cycle, and an exercise we recommend you undertake with the guidance of an experienced professional.

Financial Reporting

We can implement systems such as Xero and Spotlight Reporting to make sure you constantly have your finger on the financial pulse of your business. Knowing precisely where you are at the touch of a button is a fantastic feeling, and puts you completely in control of your business and finances. We will work with you to help you develop and tailor your own reports, and implement systems that provide you with up-to-date information on a repeated, timely basis.

Strategic Planning

How often do you spend working for your business, rather than working on it? Finding time to think strategically is one of the recurring problems for most business owners.

At Flow we want to prepare you for the opportunities that lie ahead. We work hard to understand your business and financial position in detail and implement systems and procedures to make sure you have more time available for strategic thinking. Flow customers spend less time on admin functions, which can often be quickly and cost effectively automated through the development of a tailored workflow solution.

Profit Maximisation

At Flow we aim to grow your bottom line by focusing on everything above it. We can help audit your entire business to understand where you can increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost competitiveness. We may focus on tax restructuring, reviewing overheads and developing systems that allow you to increase output.

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