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  • Testimonial: Bert, Branding Agency

    Testimonial: Bert, Branding Agency


    Knowing our financial position at any given moment has always been essential. Flow allows us to do this instantly from any of our locations on desktop or mobile. The live financial reporting is clearer and more accurate than ever before,…

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Real Stories: Katie Smith, Sole Trader switched to Limited Company

Katie Smith began her business in early 2014, offering outsourced business development to a roster of UK clients.

Katie says: “I started as a sole trader because this was my first venture into self-employment and my income was initially very small. I grew very quickly and after using Flow’s calculator app realized that switching to limited company status might help me save tax.

The decision proved right, Katie saved over £4,200 in year one by registering as a limited company. She employed Flow to manage the process and look after her finances at a cost of £99 a month. This has resulted in Katie being £3,012 better off each year.

She adds: “Knowing there’s less risk also gives me peace of mind – I hated the thought that I could lose everything if my business struggled. I still work as hard as I possibly can, but I can now see a greater separation between my business and personal finances.

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