WorkflowMax advisors

Supercharge your business growth with our WorkflowMax advisors!


As you know, one of the (many) reasons we love Xero software is because of its easy integration with brilliant, business-boosting applications. Xero’s latest product WorkflowMax is no exception, and we’re excited to announce that Flow is kicking off 2017 as official WorkflowMax advisors!

What is WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is a Xero-integrated product providing an all-in-one, single workflow platform designed to satisfy your job, time and invoice needs. It offers a complete solution for those who need a clever, cloud-based project management tool that sits seamlessly alongside Xero accounting software.

How can WorkflowMax help you?

We know that as business owners, you have 101 things on your mind. Business growth means more jobs to juggle, often leading to numerous, complex software add-ons. WorkflowMax effortlessly integrates with Xero software, removing the need for incompatible add-ons and arming you with a powerful, end‑to-end business solution.

Is it really that easy?

Yes! You can create an invoice in WorkflowMax and it will automatically push the data through to Xero. You simply drop the information into one system, and it pops through to the other!

Find out how Flow can help you supercharge your business growth with Xero and WorkflowMax here, or call 0330 123 5577.