Andy Carter Golf

Having spent the beginning of his golf career travelling the world and enrolling through the PGA ranks in Dublin, Andy Carter is now a full-time PGA teacher at Trafford Golf Centre. He has spent the last 18 months building his client base and teaching a range of golfers – from first time players to professionals.

Andy appointed Flow Online Accounting in November 2013 with a view to gaining more control over his finances and fully understanding where he was up to on a regular basis. As a sole trader, Andy primarily uses the online system to monitor his cash flow and keep an eye on his income tax bill as it builds.

“The software has also allowed me to log my expenses using the iPhone app; this has limited the build-up of paper work. The package is really efficient and I would recommend it to any other businesses.”

“I appointed Flow Online Accounting because I wanted to have more control over my finances.

Their online software has proved incredibly easy to use, especially keeping up to date with my tax liability”.

Andy Carter, PGA Golf Pro