FreeAgent is the perfect example of how Flow can help your business streamline its finances. Since its launch in 2007, FreeAgent has expanded out from its Edinburgh roots to become one of the most popular pieces of online accounting software in the UK. By placing an emphasis on simplicity – the FreeAgent motto is “demystifying accounting”– this product can help to make managing your finances easier than ever.

FreeAgent works by placing all of your relevant financial records and information online in one localised, secure and easily accessible site. This means that you can effortlessly view your transactions, create and send invoices and marry your bank account and your personal records together.

Here are just a handful of the many benefits afforded to you when you choose FreeAgent:

Ease of use – FreeAgent has placed a priority on making their software easy and painless to use, even for those with no experience of cloud accounting software whatsoever. This makes it an ideal choice for contractors, freelancers and small businesses.

Accessible from anywhere – Because it’s a cloud-based piece of software, you can access your FreeAgent files from any laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. As a result, you don’t have be chained to your desk to keep on top of your accounts. Also, your records are safeguarded in case of damage, loss or theft of your personal machine.

Bank reconciliation – One of the main strengths of FreeAgent is its bank reconciliation feature. You can easily to integrate bank transactions into your accounting system, allowing your team to quickly match the transactions you create in FreeAgent against your bank accounts.

A wealth of additional features – FreeAgent includes in jam-packed with bells and whistles, which makes it such an attractive option. For example, you can instantly create quotes and invoices, calculate corporation tax, estimate VAT returns, file self-assessment submissions and manage payrolls too.

 Go with the Flow
Although FreeAgent is simple and user-friendly, it also has the capability to be a powerful tool and can be optimised to streamline any business’s finances. If you need help tapping into FreeAgent’s plethora of customisable features, you are in the right place. Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts can help you take FreeAgent to the next level.

Whether you need to import data from your previous accounting system, set up automated invoices or get to grips with your payroll, we’re ready to answer all of your questions and help at every step.