FreeAgent Invoicing

A clean, professional invoice that presents information clearly can enhance the reputation of your business and improve customer relations. But it doesn’t have to end there – with FreeAgent cloud accounting software, your invoices can be so much more. For starters, you can create customised FreeAgent invoices with just a few clicks. Your customers will receive your invoices instantly and – thanks to a range of hyperlinked online payment sites – your clients can pay faster and in the way easiest for them.

FreeAgent offers a range of great additional invoicing features, all of which can work in harmony to enhance your brand, save time and increase the accuracy of your records. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. In fact, finding the right combination of FreeAgent’s invoicing features to fit your business is just one of the ways the Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts can help you. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

FreeAgent invoice templates
With FreeAgent, you can choose from a variety of customisable invoicing templates, which is handy when you want to find a match for your brand. The option to add a company logo, insert a footer or jazz up the presentation in a myriad ways is available too. Simply choose a template, input the necessary information and hit send. Your invoice will arrive in your client’s inbox in minutes.

If your FreeAgent invoices need further customisation, such as the ability to change the font, tweak the invoice layout and add background images, Flow’s team of expert cloud accountants can help.

Recurring FreeAgent invoices
Do you work for clients on an ongoing basis? Rather than manually constructing a new invoice every time, use FreeAgent’s recurring invoice feature. It allows you to automatically replicate recurring invoices over any given period, freeing you to tackle more significant aspects of your business.

Specify the title, reference number, length of interval between invoices, total number of invoices in the series and the amount to be paid, and you’re done. You can even select automatic mailing if you’d like the recurring invoice to be sent as soon as it’s created, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. And of course, it’s also possible to create a recurring invoice from an existing template, too.

Invoices chase themselves
Do you chase your customers for invoice payments each month? With FreeAgent, this time consuming and unpleasant activity can be avoided. Now, instead of manually following up invoices with reminders, you can automatically set your FreeAgent account to do it for you. At a result, you can reduce the time wasted on chasing non-payers and speed up payments too. This is hands-free invoicing at its best.

Multi-cultural invoicing
With the capability to translate your invoice into more than ten languages, the global marketplace has never been so accessible. Due to FreeAgent’s partnership with online currency exchange market, you can talk the language of your clientele and also charge the equivalent amount for your services in their currency too.

Embedded payment options
Start by choosing your preferred payment providers. FreeAgent will insert hyperlinks to your selected sites (such as PayPal, GoCardless, Stripe or Dwolla), which customers can then click on and pay instantly. Not only will your clients feel reassured by the presence of such trusted systems, but they’ll also be more inclined to hit the link immediately and get the payment out of the way. FreeAgent accommodates credit and debit cards too.

Purchase Orders
Unfortunately, FreeAgent does not currently support purchase orders and doesn’t have plans to implement this function in the foreseeable future. However, FreeAgent still provides a fantastic option for those in search of an online invoicing system.

FreeAgent Invoicing made easy with Flow
As discussed, FreeAgent is a fantastic solution for businesses that need a fast, robust and customisable invoicing system. However, every business is different, with different needs, practices and strengths. At Flow, we tailor our approach to FreeAgent’s invoicing capabilities to suit every client’s requirements.

Can’t make your mind up which template to settle on for your business invoices? Not sure if recurring invoicing is right for a particular client? Apprehensive about scheduling chase-up reminders for unpaid bills? Flow’s team of expert cloud accountants are fully qualified and come with heaps of FreeAgent experienced. We are here to allay any concerns, solve any conundrums and offer assistance for all of your invoicing needs, every step of the way. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.