FreeAgent Payroll

Running, managing and reporting a payroll for your company can be hard enough, without even attempting to unify this data with your accounts. Fortunately, FreeAgent has developed an effective piece of cloud software which combines both elements in one place. In fact, with FreeAgent, you can create and amend payroll for all of your employees and mail HMRC the relevant information in real-time.

Do you worry about manually entering data into your accounts system to make sure it aligns with your payroll records? Do you struggle to locate all of your payroll history and P60s at the end of the financial year? FreeAgent’s payroll features are just one of the ways that Flow can help you take the stress out of payroll creation.

Here are a few of the unique features which make FreeAgent an excellent choice for organising your payroll data:

P60s and payslips – FreeAgent’s sophisticated system automatically generates payslips for every employee at the close of the month and accompanying P60s at the end of the year.

Real-time HMRC submissions – When you log your payroll information into FreeAgent’s database, you can comply with RTI (real-time information) but submitting your records as and when they happen.

Special allowances – You need to manage payroll for special circumstances like maternity and paternity pay, student loans or the £2,000 Employment Allowance? With FreeAgent, you can factor this information into your calculations with the click of a button.

Make payrolls Flow faster
While FreeAgent’s payroll services will help your finances run more smoothly over the long term, setting up the system can represent a challenge at the outset. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time to tackle the legwork, why not let us do it for you?

At Flow, we over 60 years’ of experience helping businesses with their financial needs. And we can help you too. Our team of cloud accounting experts and are fully up-to-date with all the nuances of FreeAgent’s payroll services. We can guide you every step of the way, from initialising the system to submitting your HMRC documents in real-time or even dealing with P60s at the end of the year.