Reporting with FreeAgent

With FreeAgent’s progressive reporting features, you can fashion detailed financial reports at the click of a button. And – thanks to the FreeAgent app – it doesn’t matter if you’re at your desk or on the go too. If you need a helping hand getting started, we can help you at Flow.

Whether you need a Profit & Loss report, Balance Sheet or Aged Debtors report, FreeAgent is an excellent solution. Here is an overview of FreeAgent’s reporting capabilities:

High Level Reporting

Profit & Loss – The Profit and Loss Report (or P&L) shows your business’s total income against the total expenses over a given period.

Balance Sheet – This report is paramount. It shows what your business owes and owns at any given point in time. Overlook it and you could be in for a surprise when you run out of cash down the line.

Breakdown Reporting

Aged Debtors – If you’re not sure which of your clients are overdue on payments, this report is especially useful. The Aged Debtors report shows which of your customers owe money and shows how late the payment is too.

Aged Creditors – Find out who you owe money to and how long the creditors have been waiting.

Capital Assets – Typically, your assets won’t last forever, so it’s important to understand how their value depreciates over time and when they need to be replaced. FreeAgent’s Capital Assets report – all of your business’s capital assets and how they depreciate over time – will help with this scenario.

Detailed Reporting

Show Transactions – This report gives a breakdown of everything in all or any of your FreeAgent categories.

Trial Balance – A Trial Balance (or TB) is a list of the balances in all of your FreeAgent categories at a given time.

Reporting Made Easy with Flow
Still daunted by FreeAgent’s reporting options? Unsure of how to go about creating a Capital Assets report? Don’t worry. At Flow, we’re more than happy to lighten the load for you. Our committed team of cloud accounting experts will guide you through the whole process.