FreeAgent Demos

Getting to grips with FreeAgent’s vast network of features and capabilities can seem like an awful lot of information to digest in one sitting. Why not make things easier by letting FreeAgent’s Chief Accountant Emily Coltman guide you through the process?

In this video, Emily gives you an overview of the main features of FreeAgent’s software, simplifying subjects such as banking, invoicing, expenses, bills, reporting and VAT into easy-to-understand chunks of information. Forget the jargon – the FreeAgent motto is “demystifying accounting,”and Emily aims to keep things that way[/embed

Would you like to learn more about FreeAgent? Alternatively, you can stay up to date with all the latest developments on the FreeAgent platform by registering for one of their weekly webinars. Every Tuesday at 14:00, one of FreeAgent’s friendly and knowledgeable Support Accountants will take you through the finer points of the software’s abilities and will even be live to chat and answer questions directly.

Get the most out of FreeAgent with Flow
Integrating a new piece of software into your daily business routine can always be a tough process, even with one as straightforward as FreeAgent. Luckily, Flow is on hand to help. When you’re trying to understanding the finer points of FreeAgent, nothing compares to having one of Flow’s cloud accounting experts in your corner.