FreeAgent Blog

FreeAgent’s blog is well-maintained and crammed full of knowledge. New posts are regularly added, demonstrating their willingness to stay at the forefront of accountancy and create a healthy relationship with customers. They even invite discussion, start debates and promptly reply to queries, suggestions and complaints.

FreeAgent’s blog is user-friendly and attractive on the eye, splitting articles into seven distinct categories:

As well as interacting with FreeAgent through the comments section on the blog posts, customers can also make their voice heard on FreeAgent’s social media pages. You can visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer conscientiousness from Flow
FreeAgent isn’t the only ones who care about their customer base. At Flow, we prize our client base above all else and believe listening is the best way to learn. That’s why we employ a regularly-updated blog of our own, as well as participating fully in social media on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.