KashFlow is a cloud-based accounting software that aims to make managing business finances easier and faster. It boasts a wide range of user-friendly features, which is perhaps why KashFlow has taken the accolade of Best Accounting Software for SMEs for five of the last six years.

In 2005, KashFlow’s founder Duane Jackson developed his own software as a result of difficulties with existing accounting packages. To date, KashFlow has helped thousands of small to medium-sized businesses. And it can help your business too. Here are just a few of the benefits that KashFlow offers:

The benefits of KashFlow
User-friendly – While KashFlow is a powerful piece of software, it is also simple-to-use and jargon-free. In fact, you can manage your books and stay on top of invoices and payments without needing any previous knowledge of accounting software.

In the clouds – Another great feature of KashFlow is that you can create invoices from your smartphone or tablet. As a cloud-based package, you can use the features anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. This means you – or your accountants – can monitor your outgoings and incomings, even when you are not at your desk computer.

Instant solutions – KashFlow also gives you the ability to raise quotes for your clients on the go, so you never miss a business opportunity. Once the quote is accepted, you can convert it into a sales invoice at the touch of a button and receive payments instantly. You no longer have to return to a mountain of invoicing when you get back to the office – KashFlow gives you full control of your sales and invoicing wherever you are.

Maximising KashFlow with Flow
KashFlow has a great support team, which enjoys a 95.55% customer satisfaction rating. The software is very simple to set-up and use too, but it also has the capacity to become a game-changing piece of software in the right hands.

If you want to make the most of KashFlow, then Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts is here to help. We understand how difficult it can be to get to grips with new software, which is why we help businesses set-up KashFlow and provide ongoing support at every step. Perhaps you need assistance importing data from your old systems or you’re not sure how KashFlow’s bank reconciliation feature works. At Flow, our professional cloud accountants are happy to help with all of your queries.