KashFlow Payroll

Whether you have a team of five or five-hundred, processing the payroll can be a complicated task. However, there is a better way. KashFlow’s payroll feature makes the process simpler and faster. And although KashFlow is straightforward for users, it’s actually a powerful piece of software with the capacity to streamline and revolutionise payroll.

At Flow, we understand it can be difficult adapting to new software. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts can help you through the set-up procedure, provide training and offer hands-on assistance when you need it most.

Is KashFlow Payroll right for your business?
KashFlow’s payroll features come with many benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages that you can expect:

Unlimited capability – KashFlow Payroll can handle as many employees or companies as you need. Plus, you can set up multiple payment schedules, taking the complexity out of processing your payroll.

Detailed employee records – Seamlessly manage all employee details, including new employees, and even set up calendars to track absences.

Flexibility – Set your payroll to make payments whenever you need them – weekly or monthly.

Automated functions – Set payments to run automatically. You can also create P45s or P60s at the click of a button. Furthermore, RTI submissions will be filed for you automatically, even if you are not logged on.

How can Flow help?
KashFlow has won the prize for “Best Accounting Software for SMEs”for five out of the last six years. And for good reason too. Did you know that KashFlow can save you up to 75 hours of employee work time per month? How would your business look if you invested this effort elsewhere?

If you’d like to find out how KashFlow can transform your payroll systems, we can help at Flow. With a free trial currently available, this opportunity can’t be missed.