KashFlow Add-ons

KashFlow is compatible with a vast range of applications. From billing and invoicing apps such as GoCardless and PayPal to e-mail marketing apps like MailChimp, the potential for customisation is huge. This is extremely beneficial if you want to mould KashFlow to closely match your workflow.

Tapping into KashFlow’s add-ons is just one of the ways that Flow can help you streamline your accounting processes. You can expect increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace, saving you money and time. Whether you need hands-on advice, assistance with the setup process or training, our team of expert cloud accountants are just a call away.

Here are just a few of the add-ons that are available with KashFlow.

RapidFire – With RapidFire, you can work offline and also enter data quickly and efficiently in batches, rather than as individual sales and purchases. With this app, you won’t have to suffer tedious and time-consuming line by line data entry. Create batch invoices and receipts for faster and more efficient bookkeeping.

12 Pay – 12 Pay is an application for processing payroll. It is integrated with KashFlow so you can record the payroll information on your KashFlow software, without having to manually enter the data. The details are automatically recorded, so you can avoid errors that may occur due to manual entry. You can seamlessly manage all your employee information and ensure you remain compliant with Automatic Enrolment pension schemes and RTI submissions. By integrating 12 Pay with KashFlow, you no longer have to run two separate pieces of software, therefore simplifying the payroll process.

Maximise your business with KashFlow Add-ons and Flow
If you are not sure which add-ons are best for your business, Flow’s team of cloud-based accounting experts can help. Whether you are looking for an application for cash flow forecasting, e-mail marketing or processing receipts, Flow can assist you at every step of the way.