KashFlow Security

Are you looking for a new accounting software solution for your business? If security is a priority, there’s no better option that KashFlow. The team at KashFlow takes security very seriously, which is why they take every step possible to ensure every user’s data is safe from theft, damage or loss.

Interesting in learning more about KashFlow’s security measures? Read on.

Keep financial data secure with KashFlow
With KashFlow, every angle is covered to ensure your data is protected. Here are a few examples of the steps taken to put top security measures in place:

Data Encryption Even if your information is intercepted between your computer and the server, it will be completely unreadable to anyone with unauthorised access. Unlike sending files by email or on a USB, KashFlow has adopted the same encryption methods used by all of the leading banks.

Advanced Firewall – All of the information stored on the KashFlow servers is protected by an advanced firewall, making it virtually impossible to gain access. Furthermore, the firewall and servers are kept under close observation round the clock, and any suspicious activity is flagged immediately. Simply make sure your computer has a high-quality virus scanner installed to ensure your hard drive protected.

Secure Servers – Even the servers that host KashFlow are under tight lock and key. The servers are located in a high-security data centre with maximum security, strict entry controls and surveillance in place.

With all these levels of security arranged, you can guarantee that your financial information is safer on KashFlow that stored on your personal hard drive.

Maximise your security settings with Flow
At Flow, we understand that keeping financial data secure is vital for any business, which is why we help business owners integrate KashFlow into their workflow. And if you need assistance, we can do the same for you too. Our team of expert cloud accountants can help ensure your data is secure. Whether you’re setting up KashFlow’s security settings for the first time or want an extra level of defence against every possible outcome, our hands-on cloud accounting experts are here to help.