Quickbooks Payroll

Are you looking for an easier, faster and more straightforward way to pay employees? If yes, QuickBooks’ payroll features are a great example of how Flow’s cloud accounting experts can help you streamline your finances, saving your business valuable time and money.

With QuickBooks, companies of all sizes can instantly calculate Payroll taxes, avoid potential tax penalties and create unlimited pay cheques. Plus, all of your employee data is stored in one location, meaning payroll becomes more efficient. Simply enter the hours a staff member has worked and QuickBooks will do all of the calculations.

If you want your accounting systems to be more efficient, integrating ZenPayroll with QuickBooks could be the perfect solution. QuickBooks seamlessly connects with ZenPayroll. Using this integration, you can automatically sync total wages, taxes, reimbursements and even contractor payments. Plus, if you make any adjustments in ZenPayroll, like a cancelation or bonus payroll, the changes are automatically made in QuickBooks too. All you need to do is:

  1. Access your ZenPayroll account.
  2. Go into the Settings area and click ‘Add New Integration’.
  3. Choose ‘Connect to QuickBooks Online’.

Enhancing payroll features with Flow
Are you struggling to set up payroll on QuickBooks? Or, on the other side of the spectrum, do you want to tap into QuickBooks’ advance payroll features and build a more effective and efficient system than ever? If yes, Flow’s team of professional cloud accounting experts are here to help. Whether you’re unsure how to account for holidays or maternity leave, Flow is here to guide you every step of the way.