Quickbooks Payments

Does your business struggle with cash flow? If not, Flow can help you make significant improvements to your payment process with QuickBooks. People who use QuickBooks for payments are typically paid twice as fast as those who don’t. How is this possible? QuickBooks allows you to e-mail invoices to customers with a ‘Pay Now’ links and accept instant payments via debit cards, credit cards and 3rd party payments providers. And if that wasn’t enough, you can do all of this on the go, and the QuickBooks will automatically update itself when new payments arrive.

Here are some the addition payment features that makes QuickBooks such a powerful piece of software:

Processing Magento payments with QuickBooks
Magento, a highly scalable e-commerce solution, is trusted by leading brands worldwide. With QuickBooks, you can easily process payments through Magento using the Intuit Hosted PayPage, simply:

  1. Start by making sure the ‘Compiler’ on Magento is disabled by going into Compilation from the menu bar.
  2. Install Magento by going to the Admin Panel, then clicking on ‘System’, ‘Connect’, ‘Connect Manager’, then choosing ‘Direct Package File Upload’.
  3. To Integrate QuickBooks PayPage with your Magento store, you will need to configure TEST Mode, and then Production Mode.

Processing multi-currency payments with QuickBooks
Global versions of QuickBooks Online support multicurrency. Here’s how to use multi-currency with QuickBooks:

  1. Back-up your company files before turning the preference on – as it cannot be turned off after being turned on.
  2. Go to Edit, Preferences and then Multiple Currencies and enable the feature. When you’re tracking multiple currencies, you’ll have to specific which is your home currency.
  3. Download the latest exchange rates with QuickBooks where possible – if you’re using a currency that doesn’t have an available exchange rate, you’ll have to enter one manually.
  4. Use the currency calculator to determine the foreign amount, home amount, or exchange rate.

Processing WooCommerce payments with QuickBooks
An open-source e-commerce solution created for WordPress, WooCommerce is a useful finance option for small, medium or large online merchants. WooCommerce websites can accept payments from various major credit cards with the help of QuickBooks’ merchant services. To install, all you need to do is download the extension from your dashboards, upload the ZIP file in ‘Plugins’, and click ‘Install Now’, followed by ‘Activate’.

Perfecting QuickBooks payments with Flow
Receiving timely payments and maintaining accurate accounting records is fundamental if a business is going to succeed. If you need help setting up QuickBooks, Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts is on hand and ready. Whether you need a solution for your e-commerce store or want to send multi-lingual invoices in a range of different currencies, just go with the Flow.