VAT with Quickbooks

At Flow, we understand that VAT can be a time-consuming minefield for businesses, whether they’re large or small. However, if you’re struggling with VAT, there is a better way.

QuickBooks cloud accounting software can help take care of your VAT returns and records while ensuring you comply with all necessary rules while saving valuable time. And if you need help with QuickBooks’ VAT features, Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts are ready to offer a hand.

The Benefits of QuickBooks and Flow for VAT
You can use QuickBooks to develop a real-time snapshot of your VAT position, so you’re always aware of what you owe HMRC or the money they may owe you. Also, QuickBooks:

  • Tracks the information you need to complete a VAT return.
  • Calculates VAT amounts on your behalf.
  • Provides instant assistant for VAT returns.
  • Offers complete and customisable assistance with the addition of Flow.

Also, QuickBooks can handle various VAT schemes and rates at once, as well as calculating correct VAT for international transactions.

Assigning VAT Codes with QuickBooks
For each product you sell, you must determine whether the item is taxable by assigning a VAT code. VAT codes can be allocated through QuickBooks, allowing the software to quickly calculate sales tax according to the cost of taxable items.

To assign a VAT code to a product:

  • Go to the ‘Lists’ menu on your QuickBooks account and select your ‘Item’ list.
  • Double click the item that needs a VAT code.
  • Select the appropriate VAT code from the drop-down list.
  • Click ‘’

With the appropriate VAT codes in place, QuickBooks will ensure your VAT is calculated correctly for all sales.

VAT assistance from Flow
QuickBooks could revolutionise your VAT processes. If you want to save time and money while improving the accuracy of your financial records, there’s no better place to start. And while QuickBooks does come equipped with all the tutorials you’ll need to get started, it’s always good to know you have support at hand when you need it most.

Flow have over 60 year’s of experience helping small and medium-sized business across the UK. Our team of expert cloud accountants know QuickBooks inside-out too. Which means we can tailor the software to suit exact specifications, resolve issues remotely without fuss and offer hands-on assistance at every step. With QuickBooks and Flow by your side, you’ll have the support and tools needed to take control and stay on top of your business’s finances.