Quickbooks Data Management

Managing data is just one of the tasks that businesses must do effectively to maintain a comprehensive and accurate accounting system. If you need assistance with financial data management, QuickBooks’ cloud accounting software is a perfect solution. And the team here at Flow can make it happen.

The QuickBooks database server manager uses a location file with the name extension of “ND”, to organise company files across machines within a network. The data management system allows for the creation and maintenance of the necessary ND files. When a business needs to create a ND (or New Data) file, they can either, import them into a new company file, open the lists in Microsoft Excel individually to clean them, or export the lists from old data files. Here’s how:

Importing data using QuickBooks
Importing data with QuickBooks involves some important considerations. For Instance, to import values or item quantities with multiple inventory sites and advanced inventory options enabled, you must disable multiple inventory sites before the import. To Import items into a company data file:

  1. Make sure to backup all data files before importing any new data into your company data files – without overwriting prior backups.
  2. Develop a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet listing items and properties.
  3. Utilise the feature for ‘Advanced Import’.
  4. Create mapping to translate the spreadsheet you create into QuickBooks format.
  5. Import all items.

Exporting data using QuickBooks
Within the vendor or customer centre, it’s possible to export data about consumers and transactions:

  1. Click the list you want to export.
  2. Display the vendors or customers you want to export.
  3. Click the ‘Excel’ drop-down menu and choose ‘Export Vendor’ or ‘Customer List’.
  4. In the window for Export, select whether to update an existing worksheet or create a new one.
  5. Click the ‘Export’ button.

If you are struggling with the idea of exporting or importing data in a safe and convenient manner with QuickBooks, we can help. With Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe and sound.