QuickBooks Security

Are you looking for a new cloud-based accounting solution? When you’re dealing with your business’s finances, nothing could be more important than security. And once you relocate all of your data using cloud technology to one central location, it’s imperative that every measure is taken to avoid data loss, corruption or theft.

If security is at the forefront of you mind, we highly recommend QuickBooks. Through a combination of sophisticated encryption, innovative technological advances and security measures similar to the US government’s, QuickBooks helps customers to protect their data.

Backup your information
With QuickBooks’ Online Backup service, businesses have the security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data. Once you have backed up your information with QuickBooks, access to that information will be restricted to those in possession of a particular password.

How to install Online Backup by QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Online Backup service comes with its own program for creating and uploading online backups. Once you have subscribed to the service and obtained your password and ID, you will be required to install the client program. Before you download the QuickBooks Online Backup system, make sure that that it is compatible with the system you are using.

Feel secure with Flow
If you want to go the extra mile, Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts can help you set-up the security features on QuickBooks. Whether you need assistance with regular backups or require several levels of access, we can provide hands-on assistance at every step.

Are you looking for something more robust? For example, what would happen if your data file is damaged or the QuickBooks administrator password is lost? How would your employees recover lost data if the management team isn’t available to OK the transfer? We can help you prepare for all eventualities. Flow’s team of expert cloud accountants will ensure you’re 100% happy with the security of your QuickBooks account. For more information about QuickBooks’s security features and the steps we can put in place to safeguard your data, get in touch today.