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Time Tracking with Xero

Keeping track of employee time accurately can be a laborious task and drastically affects the way you bill your customers. Integrating time tracking business applications with your Xero accounting software is an excellent example of how Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts can help you simplify your existing processes with ease.

Popular Xero time tracking add-ons include:

Harvest – Working on a project? With Harvest, you can start a timer from your web browser, desktop or mobile device. It will log the time you work against the applicable project and account.

Deputy – This scheduling app allows you to find available staff, publish their time schedules and keep track of when they start and finish their work. Best yet, all this info can be transferred to your payroll with just one click.

MinuteDock – This innovative yet simple approach to time tracking increases productivity and profitability in minutes by seamlessly transforming your timesheet entries into invoices.

Freshdesk – Do you want to integrate your customer help desk and time tracking with Xero accounting software? Freshbooks is for you. This app will save you time on admin tasks and allow your clients to see a breakdown of the time they’re billed for.

Maximising time tracking with Flow

Do you want to make paper timesheets and laborious data entry a thing of the past? If you don’t know where to begin, Flow’s team of cloud accountancy experts can help you discover the right business applications for your requirements. Don’t be put off by the countless applications in Xero’s Add-on Marketplace. We can recommend and integrate the very best Xero add-ons and provide comprehensive training to get you up to speed.