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Xero Invoicing

Xero accounting software provides a fast and easy way to invoice customers online. However, with the help of a Flow, Xero invoicing can be so much more. You can expect faster payments and better control over your cash flow too.

The benefits of Xero

Xero is jam-packed with fantastic functionality. With just one click from your invoice, your customers can make instant payments using credit cards or PayPal, making the process more convenient for everyone involved.

Plus, once you’ve sent an invoice, it doesn’t end there. Xero automatically tracks your invoices, so you will know when they are opened by your customers – which means no more “lost invoice”excuses. You can also add automated late payment reminders too, which saves a lot of time and energy.

Need to view a statement? No problem. Xero can display all overdue payments and highlight which customers are taking the longest to pay. And when it comes to returns, Xero allows you to apply credits to invoices or add credit notes that can be applied at a later date.

Here are some of the invoicing features with how-to-guides:

Recurring invoices with Xero

Do you have regular customers and suppliers? Flow can help you can create recurring Xero invoices and bills. The software will automatically do the work for you, allowing you to get on with more important tasks and save time.

How to set up a recurring invoice with Xero

Creating recurring invoices with Xero is simple:

  1. From the Sales screen select the arrow next to ‘new’ and select ‘Repeating invoice’.
  2. Fill in the details of your recurring invoice, and select the frequency, send date and due date of your invoice. You can also set an end date if applicable.
  3. Once generated, you can choose to have invoices appear beneath either the Draft or Awaiting Payment tab. To complete the process, simply approve draft invoices, or reconcile if they’re under Awaiting Payment.

Using purchase orders with Xero

As your business grows, the need to manage purchase ordering will grow too. Using Xero is a handy way for you and your suppliers to see what’s been ordered, the agreed costs, delivery dates and locations.

How to raise a purchase order with Xero:
Raising a purchase order with Xero is simple:

  1. From the Purchases screen select the arrow next to ‘new’ and select ‘Purchase order’
  2. Fill in the details – including your orders, costs and delivery information.
  3. Save it as a draft for review, or approve it and send it by email to your supplier.

If you’re placing an order on-site, Xero purchase orders are ideal for smart devices (such as tablets and smartphones), as you can raise purchase orders on the go.

Remittance advice with Xero

Paying individual invoices or making batch payments using Xero is quick and easy. However, once you’ve made a payment, you’ll want to let your supplier know they’ve been paid too. Using Xero, you can email your contacts with a remittance advice PDF immediately after the transaction. It’s a fast and efficient way to confirm payments.

How to email remittance advice with Xero

Once you’ve paid a bill or made a batch payment, emailing a PDF remittance advice is a straight-forward process:

  1. Select ‘Send Remittance Advice’ in the green transaction box.
  2. Fill in the remittance email details and hit send.

Xero invoice templates

Customising your invoices in line with your company’s brand is easy with Xero. Using Xero’s standard invoice themes, you can simply upload your logo and add a few personal touches to create beautiful and professional invoice templates. There is the option to create several different layouts and include a footer message for every invoice.

Under ‘Default Settings’, set a due date, send date and end date –  if applicable – to streamline your workflow, and use the software’s automatic sequencing to take care of your invoice or purchase order numbers.

By choosing payment services such as PayPal and credit cards, you can give your customers the added convenience of making payments directly from the link in your online invoice, enabling you to get paid quicker.

Importing invoices with Xero 

Do you want to switch to a new cloud accounting software? You can import invoices, bills and credit notes into Xero from your current accounting software using Xero’s CSV template. This process can be carried out during setup, and also as a regular process as and when required. All imported invoices will enter Xero as drafts, allowing you to review and approve them once imported.

Importing invoices into Xero can be a lengthy and time-consuming process – especially when doing so regularly. However, this headache can be avoided. Whether you’re setting up a new Xero account and importing invoices for the first time, or looking to regularly import invoices and bills in batches, Flow Online Accounting are here to help. Our flexible accountancy service will minimise your data entry work, save you time and – ultimately – save you money in the long term.

From quote to invoice with Xero

When a customer requires goods or services, they usually require a quote beforehand. You can use Xero software to create quotes that inform customers about the goods and services you will provide. And, if you get the green light, you can convert Xero quotes into invoices once the work is complete.

In a similar way to creating a branded invoice template, Xero enables you to design a professional quote template with your company logo too. You can generate a quote in minutes, and send it instantly by email or print it out to send by post.

This is an extremely handy solution if you want to follow up on previous quotes to generate new business. And, when the work is finished, turn your Xero quote into an invoice to improve your cash flow.

Is Flow and Xero right for me?

As Xero Certified Gold Partners, Flow’s team of expert cloud accountants can help you get the most out of Xero’s invoicing system. Here’s how:

  • Improve Customer Relationships – Flow will help you build better relationships with your customers. If Xero payments go awry, we’ll help you bulk send statements and outstanding invoices to your clients and set expected payment dates to minimise stress and save time for everybody involved.
  • Streamline your workflow – Invoicing and chasing late payments can be time-consuming and may occasionally result in disputes. Let our accountants take away this hassle by integrating Xero invoicing into your workflow. From recurring invoices to scheduled bill payments and group invoices, there are many ways we can help save you time. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically too.
  • Add-Ons – Are there other tasks you’d like included to your invoicing? If so, our accountants can advise you on the most suitable Xero add-ons that can be integrated into your workflow to help you plan and manage your resources, projects and tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom designs – Do you want to add some extra pop to your invoices? We can help you create professional custom design invoice templates to suit your business.