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Xero Payroll

Managing Payroll with Xero

Do you and your finance team long for a collaborative and less time-consuming solution to payroll? With Xero’s cloud accounting software, it’s easier than ever to process payroll and pay employees. Plus, with your business finances in one place and automated payroll updates to your general ledger, Xero’s cloud accounting software can boost productivity and save time by eliminating manual data entry.

If you need guidance throughout the set-up process and after, Flow’s team of cloud accounting experts are here to help. Interested in knowing more? Let’s drive into Xero’s payroll functionality:

Flexible payroll with Xero

According to business owners, payroll is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Whether you pay your employees on the same date each month or use a range of frequencies, payroll in Xero allows for unlimited and flexible earnings, deductions, benefits and reimbursement types – all with multiple calendars.

If you want to tap into Xero’s more advanced payroll features, here are just a few of the options available:

P45s and P60s
– When an employee leaves the company, you can close their payroll record and create a P45 in Xero is just a few easy steps. Similarly, at the end of the tax year, Xero allows you to process all of your P60s at once.

Track and report absences and holidays – Keeping track of employee absences and holidays can be a challenge – especially for big businesses. Xero can help you avoid unnecessary paperwork duplication by letting you monitor and report absences with payroll, with manager approval and auto-accrual.

Pay History – When employees apply for time off, they can also receive a clear view of their pay history without seeing the rest of the company’s financials.

Real time information (RTI) submissions
– Worried about compliance? Flow cloud accountants can make sure that your business’ submissions to HMRC are correct and on time with instant RTI reporting.

Making payroll simpler with Flow

Are you ready to try Xero’s payroll functionality? If you’re not sure where to start or don’t have the time to implement the changes yourself, look no further. Flow’s team of expert cloud accountants can help you integrate your Xero software with HR and employee management tools to increase productivity and make finance tasks even easier.

We can also help you make tricky choices. For example, for smaller businesses with less than 100 employees, we recommend ZenPayroll – a modern and comprehensive online payroll service available for any smart device that automatically syncs with Xero each time you run payroll.

You will receive full training. Also, your Flow account manager will be on hand to answer questions you may have regarding payroll, HMRC compliance, and to help with any other tasks.