Xero Integration

Did you know that Xero can integrate with hundreds of business applications? From straightforward inventory and stock checks to simplifying payroll and expenses, there is a solution for everything imaginable. If you’re not sure where to start, Flow can help you find the right applications for your business.

Here are a few examples of the top applications that integrate seamlessly with Xero accounting software:

Cashbooks Available through your accountant, Xero Cashbook is a simpler version of Xero designed to help business owners manage their cash while their accountants manage the books. Fully integrated with Xero, Xero Cashbook allows greater visibility of your cash flow. A quick and easy cash management system that’s easy to set up, Xero Cashbooks provides nothing but accurate and up-to-date information about your financials at your fingertips.

Gecko Gecko’s inventory management software seamlessly integrates and synchronises with Xero for all of your inventory needs. From creating sales invoices and purchase orders to reporting stock movements, you can streamline your supply chain management with real-time information and grow your business with ease.

Google Documents – As cloud-hosted services, Google documents and Xero are the perfect partnership for any small to medium-sized business. By integrating Xero with your Google drive, you can export your financial reports from Xero directly into your Google Drive account, where they can be stored in real time for quick access. Google documents is a game-changer when it comes to building meaningful relationships with customers. You can collaborate on documents, add comments, ignite discussions and update documents in real time.

Google Apps – As well as using Google documents with Xero, you can access Xero from the Google Apps Marketplace and navigate between them using a single sign-on. Once installed, you’ll be able to access your Xero account directly from the Google Apps toolbar using the ‘More’ drop-down menu.

QuickBooks – Through Zapier, your Xero account can integrate with QuickBooks Online, the web version of the popular small business cloud accounting software. This allows you to automatically send invoices from QuickBooks to Xero. Plus, you can create new QuickBook customers from new Xero contacts.

WHMCS – WHMCS is an easy online billing application. Integrating it with Xero helps keep your billing system and clients in sync with your accounts. Also, you’ll be able to send contacts, invoices and payments directly to and from your Xero account – all with multi-currency support.

Zapier – Zapier is described as a “connection between two apps that automates time-consuming tasks.” Zapier allows you to zap (or connect) Xero to hundreds of SaaS applications around the globe. Popular zaps include creating Xero invoices from Shopify orders, adding new Zoho CRM contacts to Xero and adding new MailChimp subscribers from new contacts in Xero. By integrating Zapier with your Xero account, you’ll have access to hundreds of new applications to help with every-day tasks.

Zendesk – A world-leading web-based help desk support tool with more than 40,000 customers worldwide, Zendesk makes it easy to provide support for your clients. By integrating Zendesk with Xero, you can record the time you spend helping customers and directly bill your clients for the time.

Zoho – Through OneSaas you can now integrate Xero account with Zoho CRM, meaning that you spend less time duplicating content. When contacts, products, invoices and sales orders are created in one application, it can be automatically added or updated in the other.

If you don’t see what you need, you can also vote for new products to be integrated with Xero and post new ideas.

Integration Xero applications with Flow
If you want to integrate business applications with your Xero account but don’t know where to start, we can help. Whether you need assistance with time-consuming everyday finance tasks or simply wish to get the most from your Xero software, Flow’s expert cloud accountants can advise you on the right solutions for your business needs.

We’ll help you streamline your accounting processes, banish time-consuming admin tasks and make Xero do the hard work for you. With comprehensive support and intuitive, user-friendly software at your side, you can take control of your finances with confidence.