Testimonial: Bert, Branding Agency


Knowing our financial position at any given moment has always been essential. Flow allows us to do this instantly from any of our locations on desktop or mobile. The live financial reporting is clearer and more accurate than ever before, and administration is faster and more efficient. But perhaps the most impressive thing about Flow is the human side of their business.

The Flow team helped us switch from our old accountants within 48hours. Since then they have provided timely advice and support, adding huge value to our business. We are enjoying a period of rapid growth and we’re in no doubt that Flow has helped facilitate this. Crucially efficiency savings meant Flow had paid for itself within six months. We calculated that we’ve saved over 450 man-hours by switching to Flow, and an overall saving of £17,800.00.

The reporting, forecasting and strategic planning has proven a central component in a record-breaking year for Bert. Put simply, moving to Flow is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Chris Garratt, Managing Director, Bert.
Flow Client since March 2014.

Link: www.bertagency.co.uk